How To Encourage Your Child’s Determination And Resilence

How to encourage your child's determination and resilience,  Project Want

How to encourage kids to take on a challenge with determination?

Five-year old Jake showed his mother a drawing that he made with his new crayons. "That's very bright and colorful," she told him. Nice job! The proud child then ran to his room and dashed off another drawing to bring to his mom for praise, then another and another. "Each one was sloppier than the last," his mom said. "I didn't know what to say."

A good response might have been, "Well, Jake that drawing isn't as carefully done as your other one. Did you try your best on that?" Determination is a value that you can encourage from a very young age. This will foster a mind-set of resilience.

The easiest way to do so is by avoiding excess praise and by providing children with honest feedback, delivered in a gentle, supportive fashion.

Another powerful way to help kids develop determination is to encourage them to do things that don't come easily and to praise them for their initiative. For instance, quietly encourage him to approach kids on the playground, even if it makes him feel nervous and scared. This will encourage resilience and coping skills.

How to encourage your child's determination and resilience, Project Want

If your daughter is quick to blow a fuse, teacher strategies such as counting to 10, or taking a deep breath for holding back a temper tantrum. Congratulate kids to do things that are difficult for them.

The child who hears, “good for you, I know that was really tough.” Is bolstered by the recognition and becomes even more determined to keep trying.

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